Hello everyone and welcome to my 194th analysis, this time featuring The Undertaker.
Undertaker is one of the few monsters who can revive his allies, increasing his value in Wars. In addtion, with the update to Possession making it a far more powerful status effect, an immunity to said effect is valuable, especially in the Undead and Underworld books-an added Nightmares immunity is not necessary, but appreciated. With an AOE Daze, access to healing and a good Base Life, The Undertaker makes for a good tanky support. However, his Speed and Strength are not exactly the best and Evil Legions/OP Squad isn't the best environment for a tank. There are also a high amount of damaging debuffs in Underworld which hurts a tanky monster like The Undertaker.

-Dead Man Walks
-Choke Slam
-The Tombstone
-Rest In Peace/Ministry Of Darkness
Runes: 1 Strength 1 Speed 1 Life

Dead Man Walks revives an ally with 50% of its Life, which can not only save a War Coin, but also reset the turn order such that it starts from the second fastest, and you can make it so that this benefits you(keep in mind that the revived monster is included in the turn reset, so if the revived monster would be the second fastest on the field, then it would go first). Choke Slam is an AOE Daze and Nightmares, which increases the tankiness of The Undertaker and helps in wearing down opponents. The Tombstone does great damage to an enemy and Stuns it. The last slot is very tricky to pick since its effectiveness fluctuates greatly and very frequently. Rest In Peace increases the danger level The Undertaker possesses since RIP followed by Choke Slam will definitely hurt. Plus, it grants him a Stun immunity which can be useful in some situations. On the other hand, Ministry Of Darkness removes all debuffs on The Undertaker and heals him more than RIP does. A rainbow spread best fits The Undertaker since he has the capability to dish out damage, but has to be tanky to function properly.

Teammates: Other tanks like Tankerion, Ouros or Igursus appreciate The Undertaker's revival skill, which can bring them back to life after all the effort the enemy spent to take them down. Kassia's suicide skill's drawback can be mitigated by Dead Man Walks. Any monster with an AOE Blind can combine it with Choke Slam to basically apply Mega Stun to all enemies for 2 turns.

Countering The Undertaker: Focus on effects such as Burn, Ignite and Poison to wear him down. Igursus is very good at this since he has both Burn and Quicksands. Denying The Undertaker is a piece of cake since he is immune to nothing except Possession naturally and is too slow to use RIP before getting Stunned.