Hello everyone and welcome to my 195th analysis, this time featuring Cloud.
The game introduces Cloud as a tank, and while Hardened, Taunts and 36k Base Life does also indicate that, Cloud has a massively powerful attack in his arsenal that gives an ally an extra turn, Precision AND Double Damage, which is an automatic 3 Speed candidate. Still, Cloud can be used as an effective tank thanks to the aforementioned stat and buffs. However, Cloud is slow, which reduces the usefulness of his extra turn attack, plus Hardened doesn't guarantee protection against any debuff.

-Charge with me
-Pack Protector
-Battle Tiger/Trained Beast
Runes: 3 Speed/1 Life 1 Speed 1 Strength

Charge with me is Demise's Strength From Beyond plus Precision, and this makes it one of the most powerful attacks to date. Pack Protector gives Cloud Taunt + 75% Shield, allowing him to protect his allies from single target moves. Hotheaded does okay damage, but it serves primarily as a debuff cleaner. The last slot goes to either Battle Tiger for hefty damage + Stun, but Trained Beast gives all allies 50% Shield, increasing their toughness. 3 Speed focuses almost entierly on Charge with me since pulling the attack off results in an almost guaranteed victory. A rainbow spread instead focuses on tankiness and damage output-using Battle Tiger in the last slot with this spread is a better idea most of the time thanks to the Strength rune.

Teammates: With the 3 Speed variant, make sure your attacker can one shot the entire enemy team with a single AOE. Since Cloud is slow, the attacker should preferably have an immunity to the deny method your enemy is using: Captain Copperbeard and Warthak are excellent candidates here since they are immune to both Stun and Freeze(plus Possession, in Warthak's case). As a tank, you can employ Team Life runes in order to compliment the tanky theme.

Countering Cloud: If Hardened doesn't get in the way, denying Cloud is very easy due to his low Speed. Removing buffs renders his tankiness useless since Taunt is removed by buff removal. You can use a Taunt monster of your own since all of Cloud's offensive moves are single target, except his special.