In the past i tryed to post photos with my draw new monster but failed so today i will come just with a ideea 🙂
Because this types of progressive islands are my favorite i have also a ideea 🙂 The new "Spirits From The Sea"island.In this progressive island will have cool revards.

First prize : Cthulhu(Epic)
24 feed/3 breed/30 colect gold
-This epic is part of a breeding combo for a legendary so a lot of players im sure want him in hatchery 🙂

Second Prize : 30 cells Cavernfish--- 2 hatch

3rd Prize : Nidaria ( Legendary)

  • 40 colect gold/7 hatch/9 breeds/25 feeds

4rd Prize : Captain Copperbeard(Legendary).... 50 gold/30 feeds/12 breeds/15 hatches
5rd Prize : Commander Alvid(Legendary)
-70 gold/35 feed/12 breed/13 hatch
Big Prize : Learnean(Legendary)
80 gold/40 feed/20 breed/22 hatch

This event will have 14 days 🙂

What you all think about this ideea?