I am starting a brand new team and now is the time to join! Locked In Syndrome is now recruiting and I hope to find 28 new members to be active, loyal, fight in team wars and participate in team races.

I'm looking for drama-free team members who are all about war and consider it fun to participate... not a chore.

I will be posting a speed chart for each war so you will have the best opportunity of winning war coins. This means you will need to join the facebook group, Locked In Syndrome, where we can post speed charts, hints, tips and tricks for becoming a stronger team.

I am hoping this will also be a team of generous cell donors because that is how you grow your team and win wars.

Below is a list of rules I will be implementing for this team...

  1. No bottom feeding (no hitting of low speed enemy bases until the last 8 hours of war).
  2. 4/5 attacks in every war. Less than 4 attacks will get you booted from the team. We are all about war.
  3. With very few exceptions, speed/team speed and strength runes on all Legendaries and team speed on all Epics and below.
  4. You must be actively working on your runes to get them to level 5+ and remove most life runes from your monsters. Why??? Because speed kills!
  5. No drama please! Let's all be kind to one another, develop a fun, friendly atmosphere and be very team oriented.

I hope you will consider joining the team. Thank you and regards,