Whenever I am logged into the game on my phone I disconnect from chat, repeatedly, after anywhere from 10-15 seconds and almost without fail. This has made requesting cells and donating to team mates impossible unless I submit the cell request or the donation multiple times.

It also has made communication with my team extremely difficult as my messages fail to "upload" and when I reconnect the message is gone again. I am also unable to use general chat at all, since I reconnect to a different room every time. I have no such issues on any other app, including streaming services (which I assume are more sensitive to connection quality) like Netflix.

The issue isn't isolated to myself either. My wife has the same issues and she's beginning to lose interest in the game after 9 months because of it. We have the same issue wether we use the internet provided by our wireless provider or if we connect to WiFi at any location. I did notice this issue became more severe after we upgraded our phones to new Galaxy 8 and 8+'s. I had no issues with my old iphone 5 or her old Samsung Note 4.

Please, if anyone knows how we can address this let me know as I would hate to leave the game after so long and so much time invested.