Hello everyone and welcome to my 201st analysis, this time featuring Clivia.
Clivia is interestingly in the Dragon book, but still is very mediocre. OK Strength, good Life, but bad Speed all hold him back from accomplishing a lot, and his trait doesn't help either. However, Clivia has some high damaging moves so you wouldn't want him to make moves too much, plus can heal really quickly. Despite that, the other book he's in- OP Squad -doesn't take kindly to mediocre monsters.

-Venus Monstrap
-Drosera Binata
-Cicuta Spread
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed/ 1 Strength 1 Speed 1 Life

Venus Monstrap hits for massive damage and heals Clivia for an equally massive amount. Monstersynthesis increases healing by 50%, gives him Regeneration and Double Damage. Drosera Binata has the golden 45 Base Power as an AOE and Cicuta Spread serves to apply Nature Weakness to all enemies, plus has a nice CD for a Base 35 AOE. 2 Strength 1 Speed is quite straightforward for an attacker, but 1 Speed, Strength and Life rune would make him a tank, taking advantage of his great healing capability.

Teammates: Since he's a slow attacker, Clivia would really appreciate an ally like Demise or Metalisha who can give him the turn. Monsters who can heal him go well with Monstersynthesis.

Countering Clivia: There are a bunch of Fire monsters in both Dragon and OP Squad and almost all of them can one-shot Clivia if he has no Life runes. Plus, denying Clivia is a piece of cake thanks to his low Speed and terrible trait.