Hello everyone and welcome to my 202nd analysis, this time featuring Montauk Creature.
Montauk has an awesome 3498 Base Speed, an AOE Stun, an AOE Blind, a single target CDs Activated and the Abomination trait, all of which make her a great choice for a denier. She is well equipped against most books she's in because in especially Underworld and Spirits, monsters tend to use Possession. Because of this, she makes a good answer for other popular deniers such as Jasastur, Baba Yaga and Nishant's Pet. However, Stun is not the best deny method out there and she struggles against variants of Hardened due to a lack of high damage moves and Base Strength.

-Portal To Horrors
-Wraith's Gate
-Observe The Infinite
-Portal To Nightmares
Runes: 3 Speed

Portal To Horrors is your trusty AOE deny move, utilizing Stun. Wraith's Gate is an AOE Blind which is perfect to counter any slower deniers such as Caillech and Mommy. Observe The Infinite is also very effective in doing this, but what is really important here is that it utterly destroys Samael if you have the Rune Guardian active since he has painfully high CDs (this extends to any other monster with no 0 CD moves). Lastly, Portal to Nightmares is used to have another deny move so that the AI has a higher chance to deny the enemy. 3 Speed is necessary on a denier.

Teammates: Montauk is a fantastic denier on her own, so she needs no specific synergies.

Countering Montauk Creature: Magic Llum is faster than her and can deny her easily. Even though Montauk can counter Jasastur, he is still the faster out of the two and deny the other 2 members of the team, with Possession no less. Metalisha and Gretchen also outspeed her. You can otherwise rely on a 50% chance because there are a ton of deniers(or supporters) that have the same Speed she does, like Crissandre and Nishant's Bodyguard.