Hello everyone and welcome to my 203rd analysis, this time featuring Muerte McBlood.
Muerte is an amazing attacker, possessing an impressive Base Strength and nice Base Speed along with the Abomination trait. He also has a Base 50 AOE, a Self Double Damage+Evasion move(!!!), and an unresisted base 70 Life Steal. However, Muerte is vulnerable to being denied by anything other than Possession and there are faster attackers out there who can one-shot him.

-No One Calls Me Bat
-Back to the Damage
-Inherited Fangs
-Orlok Curse/Nosferatu Claws/Blood Drinker
Runes: 2 Speed 1 Strength

NOCMB has an amazing Base Power of 50, which is enough to kill most enemies when coupled with BTTD's Double Damage buff. The said move also gives him Evasion to prepare his big attack. Inherited Fangs deals massive damage to its target, outright killing anything without a Life rune when boosted by Double Damage, and healing him for the damage dealt. Lastly, Orlok Curse can be used to have another AOE attack that has Bleed this time, Nosferatu Claws is his highest damage Dark move, and Blood Drinker can be used to have another unresisted attack. 2 Speed 1 Strength focuses on using BTTD before the enemy attackers move.

Teammates: Dark Weakness makes NOCMB a very deadly attack. Giving Muerte the turn with a monster like Demise is a great combo since he'll be able to use BTTD before anything happens, removing the possibility of him getting denied except by Stamina drain or CDs Activated.

Countering Muerte McBlood: Faster attackers can also equip 2 Speed and 1 Strength rune to ruin him. Denying him is not difficult if you're not using Possession.