I've been into monster legends for a bit now. Just hit level 91 and I have a slew of legendary monsters by this point. I've had the same PvP attack team for a while now. It has always done decent but not a lot of bells and whistles. Glitch as my denier (3x speed runes) Lord of Atlantis as my buffer/debuffer (2x speed 1x team strength) and Igursis as my attacker/tank (2x strength, 1x life) as I said it did decent, but not a lot of variety in the fights. I just put a new team together and so far I'm impressed with what it can do. I'd like some feedback if it's just beginner's luck or if it's a good team.

Cavenfish (1x lvl 6 spd. 2x lvl 5 spd)
Lead Rain
Round Rain
Bullet Rain
Cavenfish's Curse

Monky (3x level 6 team speed)
Rising Anger
Golden Monkey Punch
Mantra of Focus
Mantra of Invincibility

Crissandre (1x lvl 6 str, 1x lvl 7 str, 1x lvl 7 spd)
Ymur Curse
Curse Cleaner
Time Breaker
Lovely Touch