Hello everyone and welcome to my 204th analysis, this time featuring Ingenica.
Here is the monster at whom you can direct all your hatred for creating Relics! That aside, Ingenica is a pretty good monster, with 3498 Speed, the Hardened trait, and a very original moveset. She has moves that disable enemy traits, which is crucial against VIPs and Nemeses-I don't know if it works on Artifacts since there are debuffs which work on them but a majority that doesn't also exist. Speaking of Artifacts, Ingenica has a unique buff called Artifact Hater, which, when applied, basically gives the monster Damage Boost when attacking a monster with the Artifact trait. Aside from these and a single target Double Damage buff, however, Ingenica really doesn't have much going for her. She has low Strength and no denial moves to take advantage of her Speed, and because of this she can find herself being really passive at times.

-My Favourite Trait
-Stress Test
-Taser Gun
-Plasma Gun/Instructions Manual
Runes: 3 Speed/3 Team Speed

MFT removes the traits of all targets hit, rendering them vulnerable to status effects. Stress Test gives the target Double Damage and Artifact Hater. Taser Gun is unresisted and applies Stamina Leak to target. Lastly, Plasma Gun can be used to greatly damage the vast amount of Metal monsters in Mechanical, but Instructions Manual can be used to give an ally Precision. 3 Speed maximizes her Speed so that she can disable everyone's traits. Alternatively, 3 Team Speed can also be used since she has no deny moves or anything to apply presure.

Teammates: The most ideal use for 3 Speed Ingenica is to have another 3 Speed denier next to her that has less than 3498 Speed. This is done so that Ingenica uses MFT before the denier uses its deny move, greatly increasing your chance at success vs. teams that have monsters with variants of Hardened. 3 Team Speed Ingenica is used just to speed up your denier, so use it wherever you like.

Countering Ingenica: Ingenica is one of the most passive monsters ever made, so just don't care about her and focus on defeating her allies first. Kill or deny the target of Stress Test and you should be fine.