Dear Legends,

Here is the list of the bugfixes we have released on 15/11/2017

  • Inconsistent Freeze Damage: Fixed all Freeze damage to 2% per turn

  • Inconsistent Nightmare Damage: Fixed all Nightmare damage to 5% per turn

  • Recently Stunned not blocking all Stuns: Recently Stunned should block all Stun and MegaStun skills

  • Evasion not blocking all Status Effects: Fixed negative Status effect for Evasion

  • Abomination not Blocking all Possesions: Abomination will block all regular and exclusive Possessions (Rebooted, Subscribed, Hacked, Corrupted) We are very sorry, this one will be fixed at later date.

  • Missing/wrong localization for Bleeding, Freeze and Sunburn

  • Lucifire can be Frozen: Fixed, Lucifire can't be frozen

  • Warthak can be Stunned: Fixed, Warthak can't be stunned (Including MegaStun)

  • Alex Bone ultimate doesn't Stun: Added Area Stun to Alex Bone ultimate