Hello everyone and welcome to my 206th analysis, this time featuring Xiron the Emerald.
Xiron has a ton of features that allow him to become one of the most powerful monsters of all time: 3498 Speed outspeeds most deniers, his trait is a fusion of Possession immunity and Tough which is amazing, but most importantly, he has some moves that deny in an unusual way. These moves deny enemies by applying two random control effects to them - control skills means deny effects, including 2 turn Possession and Mega Stun. This outclasses almost all deny moves to date because it is very difficult to resist two deny effects coming your way. He also has a single target CDs activated, and he Speed ties with Samael the Plague Carrier while outspeeding Samael the Fever Scatterer. This is significant because CD activation is the best counter to Samael, and while Emerald is not as good as Ruby at doing this, he can still accomplish it with luck or the Rune Guardian. Oh, and he also has a 100% Stamina drain. Unlike Ruby, Emerald actually has some Strength, which means that his AOEs will hurt with Damage boosts, though Strength is trivial on Xiron anyway since he's a denier.

-Laying Odds
-Emerald Explosion
-Total Exhaustion
-Mineral Blood/ Emerald Implosion
Runes: 3 Speed/2 Strength 1 Speed
(If you have all Group 3 moves learned on a Nemesis monster at the same time, the next time you'd normally learn a Group 3 move, a Group 4 move will show up instead. Using this method it's possible to have 2 Group 4 moves on a level 100 Nemesis, by replacing the 4th move you have with the Group 4 you're offered, then replacing one of the Group 3 moves with the other Group 4.)

Laying Odds has 55 Base Power which would be insane for an attacker, but Xiron uses this as a deny move since it also applies Stamina Leak and two random control effects to all enemies. Emerald Explosion has a lower Base Power, but it is Nature based and it applies Poison and Stun to all enemies. Total Exhaustion removes all Stamina points from the target. Finally, Mineral Blood activates all CDs on a single enemy, making it great against Samael and Artifact monsters. However, if you have him at only level 100, then Emerald Implosion is the best replacement to give him a single target version of Emerald Explosion that has more Base Power. 3 Speed is necessary on a denier, though you can give him 2 Strength 1 Speed to take advantage of him having higher Strength than Ruby and the fact that he has a Base 55 AOE.

Teammates: Anything goes.

Countering Xiron the Emerald: There are some deniers that match Emerald in Speed, so countering him is easier than countering Ruby. Crissandre, Xiron the Ruby and Montauk Creature can all activate CDs on a single enemy, which ruins Emerald.