Hello Legends,

For this week we have two changes for you.

1) Kassia Issue

We have received a lot of feedback regarding crashes due to one of Kassia's skills.

Details of Crash: Kassia Skill "The Light Lives In You" causes a hard freeze on devices. The "revive" with "apply effects" were causing an undesired crash. We want to avoid further exploits of this bug, therefore, there will be some changes until we have a complete fix for the crash.

Changes to the Skill: The skill "The Light Lives In You" will now Apply Double Damage and Precision to all allies. It will also now Need a cooldown. When the issue is fixed, we will update the skill again and change it to its original behavior.

2) Team race individual rewards

We would like to give all of you a chance to fully try out Relics in the game. Therefore, for the following Team Race, we have decided to adjust the individual rewards. Just for this Team Race, we will add chests that guarantee 1 relic per chest.