Hey dragon city,
your game is beautiful and very rewarding, thank you.

  1. why not make more variations within the dragons of the same rarity levels? some should have more hp, while others more attack, while maintaining the balance.. ?
    maybe you can also play with how strong phys attacks, main special attack (first element), and alt special attacks are..
    anything to create a differnce and allow more strategy (a tank and a besereker for example).

  2. we collect dragons, and make them stronger, but we barely get to test our strength, or measure our collections..

league events are awesome and you should do more,
but there should be events with a rising level of enemies where there's an incredibly strong boss that only few players can beat,
or an event which focuses on the variety of dragons one has.

i don't feel enough that that my hard work tested, or relevant to anything..