Dear Monster Master,

We have noticed that some recent changes in the game have raised some concerns, so first of all we would like to thank you for providing constant feedback! We’d like to take this opportunity to provide further explanations about some areas affected by the changes:

Gold Production
Game economy has some imbalances that affect overall game experience. Gold generation is one of them, therefore, the issue needed to be tackled.

Many players generate and store billions of gold but can’t use it as there is no need for such a huge amount of gold. Also, we rebalanced the gold generation to be more consistent with Monsters strength. This allows more gameplay diversity and healthier game economy.

Soon there will be another round of gold production balance for some more monsters (for some it will decrease, for others it will increase), in exchange for a boost on their stats, as it was done in the first round. You will, of course, be informed in advance about these changes.

We are aware that space is an issue for some players, who have trouble finding room for the monsters they have in storage. We are working on a permanent solution to store an unlimited number of monsters in your map.

In the meantime, now that gold production gives a boost for ranked-up monsters and has been normalized, you can extract duplicates in the Lab and use the space to hatch your unique stored monsters!

Monster Power
Based on the feedback from our players we decided it was time to make our Team Wars matchmaking more balanced. Therefore, we needed to adjust and fix how Monster Power (MP) is calculated.

The MP is calculated based on the level of the monster with an additional bonus for ranked up monsters. Therefore, you need to feed any ranked up monsters to the maximum level for their rank to get higher MP.

This extra bonus is granted based on extra levels the monster achieved. Pandaken Rank 5 at level 105 should have higher monster power than a Pandaken Rank 5 at level 30 as it will be much stronger in battle, which was not the case before.

We think this is a more fair and realistic way to calculate the MP. This will be a positive change for both beginners and long time players as it will make the Team Wars matchmaking more balanced.

Team Wars Matchmaking
Many masters reported that they were being matched against very strong teams, so we are trying to make it fair for everyone by reducing the groups of teams that can be matched. This has resulted on a higher waiting time for matchmaking among top teams. On May 11, we implemented an adjustment to reduce waiting time. Please give us time to figure out the right balance between waiting time and number of teams in a group. All we are trying is to make things right for you.

We've heard some concerns that monster prices increased by 10% (eg. from 225 to 250 gems for a Legendary monster offer). Please note that meanwhile, average amount of free gems rewards has increased by 17%.

There are more sources than ever from which you can get free gems: the Loyalty Calendar gives daily bonus, Monsterwood Happy Hours happen more frequently and you also receive 5 gems every time you update the game. On top of that, the new Library and Dungeon of the Books will bring you a new bunch of free gems! Also note that frequency of Gems offers has increased significantly!

Coming Soon!
We would also like to take this chance to tell you that we are we are working on a new Multiplayer (PvP) Battle with season rewards and many improvements that will make it more exciting! Stay tuned!

We want to thank you again for your feedback, it is highly appreciated. We hope that these lines help clarify some concerns. You can look forward to more Q&A in the future!