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Hello, Dragon Masters!

Firstly, we would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday 🙂

Secondly, have you battled in our NEW Arenas yet? We hope you are enjoying them and climbing your way up the leaderboard to claim our Master of Masters title!

Thirdly, we would like to inform you that in the game the Tournaments are now called “Quests”.

Dragon Master says “So what are Dragon Guardian Towers Quests now called?
CM says: The Dragon Guardian Tower Quests are now called Missions!

Now, it’s time to find out the lineup for this festive season, December is coming!

December: Upcoming Events and UpdatesQuick Event’s Overview:

  • A new #DragonCityStory: #TheRelicOfLife Event!
  • Heroic Race: Frozen Lake (New Heroic Dragon: High Snow Dragon)
  • Snow Island Event
  • Illusion Island Event
  • Hunter Breeding Event
  • Xmas Calendar
  • Crazy Days

Holiday Season is upon us but there is still work to be done in Dragon City to save our breeding powers! Breeding is fading, are you fighting to recover it? #TheRelicOfLife event has well and truly started. How's your #DragonCityStory going? Have you collected the first “Common Artifacts” to summon the Clarity Dragon?

Check out our FAQs to see an overview of the event and Temporary Quests dates, so you can be ready!

Also, check out the #The Relic of Life video -> The Relic Of Life: Sometimes dreams come true!

Zoom Zoom and we are away, Heroic Race Frozen Lake has started. Once again, we have added special rewards and we really hope you all like them. Take your chances to get the new High Snow Dragon! Is he a Wolf crossbreed with a Dragon? No One knows but he is dangerously good in battle! Do you have the High Comet Dragon in your Heroic collections? No?, well this race is your second chance to claim this mighty Dragon.

Also, reach these Laps in the race to Claim the following Artifacts for the #RelicOfLife event:

  • 1 ”Common Artifact ”-> LAP 4
  • 1 ”Common Artifact ” + 1 ”Rare Artifact” -> LAP 7
  • 1 ”Rare Artifact” -> LAP 10
  • 1 ”Rare Artifacts -> LAP 12
  • 2 ”Rare Artifacts -> LAP 15

Go, go, go Dragon Master! The race is on...keep completing your Heroic Collections!

It´s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, Snow Island Event starts on the 11th of December, and for 3 days, you will have a chance to claim the festive Permafrost Dragon. On this island you will also be able to find 5 of the precious “Very Rare Artifacts” you need for the #The Relic of Life event.

To follow on the 14th of December, and for 18 days, we will have the Illusion Island Event. Battle and collect to claim 2 new Dragons, the powerful Rook Dragon and the jolly but fierce Wandering Dragon. Hidden in this event you will be able to find 5 of the invaluable Epic and Legendary Artifacts!

If that was not enough in this event we will also have a NEW temporary opportunity to win an exclusive Dragon! Make sure you return every day to discover what's waiting for you!

Running alongside the Epic Illusion Island Event we will have our Hunter Breeding Event starting on the 14th to 18th December.

Hunter Breeding Event Details:

  • To obtain the unique Legendary Hunter Dragon first you will need to battle your way through our Temporary Quest.
  • Quest Dates: 14th Dec to 18th Dec
  • Requirements: Wisp Dragon level 10 (Illusion Island)
  • Rewards: Legendary Terrifying Dragon! And other rewards.
  • Then you will need to breed the below combinations to claim the Hunter Dragon!
  • Wandering Dragon (Illusion Island) + Terrifying Dragon = Hunter Dragon (24h)

Have fun and good Luck!

The Dragon City team would love to give you a gift for being such loyal and amazing players! We have a Christmas Calendar Event starting on the 19th December.

If you return to the game every day for 7 consecutive days you will get your Christmas present, a wonderful Christmas dragon!

Also you will be able to Vote for the Dragon you wish to receive as your Present this Christmas!

To vote for your dragon, please follow our facebook fan page and stay tuned. -

Last but definitely not least, do you want huge discounts on resources and amazing Dragons? Get ready, the CRAZY DAYS are back! Starting on the 22nd of December and lasting over Christmas for 7 days, we are offering huge discounts on 50 dragons per day! Don’t miss out the incredible offers and discounts available in the game!

Keep an eye on our Facebook fan page, Youtube channel and Dragon City official Forum, we will be sharing more details and exclusive content for you about our events. 🙂

There will also be many offers coming this month, so make sure you come back frequently to get the dragons you want/need, for example, the VIP collection!

We can’t wait to start this month and hear from you guys!

See you back on the islands!

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