So i have an idea about an event it is similar to race the difference is this is more f2p than p2w and small clan friendly

So u will need to complete 2 quest to be able to qualify
Rewards: Special monster that wont be available in any offer in the future

Example there are 3 laps in this case its called stage

Each stage consist of 3 quest

Example of quest
All members of the team must earn 40 trophies with time limit of 20 minutes
so if 1 member didnt complete the task all members will need to re do the tasks with cooldown of 3 hours

Pros :gems didnt matter
Make a good example of teamwork for whole team
Must communicate with all team and make plans for time limit

cons: Big clan will have hard time
busy members cant contributes
some clan will have no chance

but after all its reasonable.So no more ppl need to recruit members just to kick them for race or for gems spender to get an instant victory also now small clans will have their own race.
The monster u get is better than race monster and wont be in any offer
first place will get 200 elementium and the monster.
Also it encourage players to be active
some quest have higher time limit so players can still take a sleep
extreme teamwork is needed

Tell about your opinion in the comment