Loving Jesus Christ is a Team that started September 2016! We started the Team to help lower levels learn the Game! We have a Core Group of 15 TEAMMATES who have been together for 50 Wars or more! We have a group of 5 TEAMMATES WITH 8-49 Wars who are staying with the Team as well! We need 10 more Levels 25-35/MP350-600 who are active in Chat! We have 4 Easy Rules:

  1. No bad language!
  2. Respect your Leads/Co-Leads & each other! You need to be active in Chat to see your ASSIGNED MATCHUP ATTACKS before ATTACK DAY!
  3. You may not request Cells until after you have participated in at least 3 Wars with our Team with at least 1 Good Quality Attack in each War!
  4. We use a unique War Strategy where I give each TEAMMATE 1-5 ASSIGNED MATCHUP ATTACKS in each War! We find this makes "BOTTOM FEEDING"* a non-issue & teammates attack Enemy Defense Bases that they have the highest potential of Winning! Using this Strategy has helped us win Wars that we should not have been able to!

We help players grow their monsters stronger by helping you with the best monsters & Skills to use! We would love to help you & let you grow with our TEAM! We have won 158 Wars & lost 40! We came in 4th place in the last Team Race & had 22 TEAMMATES win Individual Rewards!

Please note: You are not required to be a Christian to be on our TEAM! We just ask you respect our Beliefs!

*Players attacking Bases with Monsters 30+ levels below their own levels!