Thanks for your feedback from the past few weeks, we’re rebalancing some of the relics that you have reported as unbalanced/overpowered:

  • Taiga Trap will now say “After being hit if wearer's Life is below 50%, deal X points of Light Damage to the attacker. 3 uses”
  • Drainer Staff will now say “When hitting if target's Stamina is below 50%, removes X points of Stamina from targets. 1 use”
  • Exhausting Mask will now say “After being hit, remove X points of Stamina from the attacker. 2 uses.”


  • Solved! An issue that was making Extra Turns not trigger when the skill that cast them missed damaging the opponent. This requires the latest version (6.0.5).
  • Updated! Undertaker’s trait Gravedigger (“Immune to all kind of Possession and Nightmares”) now it will protect him against all types of “exclusive possession” (Corrupted, Hacked, Rebooted, Subscribed, Charmed, Manipulate) and regular Possession
    The trait “Immune to Possession” of other monsters will behave as usual, (so it WILL NOT block “exclusive possessions”).
  • Updated! Incognita’s Special Skill “Luck Requires Sacrifice” damage has been updated to 60 instead of 20
  • Updated! Monster Clutch skill “Egg Explosion” and it will now damage all enemies, instead of only one.
  • Text issues related to Healing skills will be fixed.
  • Some of the Relic descriptions will be improved to make them clearer and easier to understand.

These changes and fixes will be live on December 21st.