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Dear community,

This is Piggy the Dragon Piggy Bank!

This Dragon is always hungry and loves to collect GEMS to save and then offer them to you at a special price!

0_1513608844028_Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 15.53.19.png

To fill up your Piggy Bank with Gems, you need to complete actions such as:

  • Win Arena Battles
  • Win Quests
  • Breed Dragons
  • Hatch Dragons
  • Level up your Dragons
  • Spend Gems

The more Gems you collect, the more Piggy the Dragon Bank will grow, it’s tummy that is!

You will be told in-game when the Piggy Bank has reached the required level to unlock your special offer on Gems as a reward! Keep performing the above actions to continue to save Gems for your Piggy Bank!

It’s your choice to decide when to collect from the Piggy Bank. You can do it right when it’s available, or wait until the Piggy Dragon is full to bursting with Gems. These Gems are only available for a selected time, so make sure you don't miss out.

NOTE: The Piggy Bank might not be available as soon as you start playing. If you cannot see it, please be patient! It will be available after playing for a period of time.

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Why Don't I have the Piggy Bank?

The Piggy Bank feature is only available for some players currently. We are hoping to release this feature to all players in the future, so please stay tuned.