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Hello, Dragon Masters!

2018 is going to be an unforgettable year for Dragon City.

We want to bring you more fun, NEW dragons, thrilling adventures and other opportunities to connect with your friends! Let’s keep writing together our unique #DragonCityStory !

What’s waiting for you on the DC Islands in 2018? Enlighten us, Flame Dragon!

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1.- Tree of Life - Keep collecting Dragons and writing your #DragonCityStory !

The emergence of the mysterious Tree of Life will add new dimensions and depth in how you enjoy Dragon City.The Relic of Life will leave behind a long-lasting impact in Dragon City.

We will see how a very special seed grows into a sprout, and from this sprout, a magical, incredible Tree will grow: The Tree of Life.

We will meet a wonderful Goddess, who will teach Deus some Dragon secrets even he didn't know about, and with her help we will be able to summon cool new Dragons.

*Concept - NOT final yet!

2.- New and very special rewards to our PvP Arenas!

You will be able to use them within the Tree of Life to get even cooler rewards.

3.- More Social! New ways to connect with your friends and play together with them: alliances and much more!

Through the Tree of Life, we will all connect amongst ourselves, as Dragon Masters, and together we will be able to live new adventures we have never even imagined and collect awesome Dragons. We will strengthen our Dragon Cities and our bonds as Dragon Masters, and take our Dragons to face amazing, never before seen Challenges, and share the rewards together.

Furthermore, we've already given you a way to battle other players in the PvP Arenas. Now, we want to give you a way to collaborate, and form Teams. You will have the ability to create alliances and add a new Social dimension to your play. So, get ready to cooperate, face enemies together with your friends, be rewarded and achieve greatness together. And together, you will find new challenges, unlike anything you've seen before in Dragon City.

4.- More Dragon City Stories!

Thank you very much for all your positive feedback in regards our 2 stories from 2017: #LegendOfDeus and the #RelicOfLife Event! Get ready for new exciting stories... in 2018, we will reveal more!

So exciting! We can’t wait to start this month and hear from you guys!

See you back on the islands!

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