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Hello, Dragon Masters!

First of all, happy new year! We hope you have had a wonderful time enjoying your holidays. We here at Dragon City want to say a massive thank you to all of you for a great 2017!

2018 is going to be an unforgettable year for Dragon City. We want to bring you more fun, NEW dragons, thrilling adventures and other opportunities to connect with your friends! Let’s keep writing together our unique #DragonCityStory !

Sneak Peek of what is to come in 2018 -> dragoncity.socialpoint.tv/SneakPeek2018

Also, get to know Kenny the Dragon better, what does he find in the tower? -> dragoncity.socialpoint.tv/RelicOfLife-PartII

Now, it’s time to find out the Events lineup to start 2018 - Quick Event’s Overview:

  • Happy New Year 2018 Calendar!
  • Relic Of Life - Part II: Burglar Tower Island #DragonCityStory
  • Burglar Tower Mini-Breeding Event
  • Burglar Dragon Breeding Event #DragonCityStory
  • Farm Island Event
  • Heroic Race: Vortex! Improvements + more rewards! (New Heroic Dragon: The High Portal Dragon!!)
  • VIP Collection Event 2018
  • Blizzard Island Event
  • Fire & Ice Island and Event/Island Pieces Event

Starting on the 1st January, let's kick off 2018 in style with some well-deserved rewards for our amazing Dragon Masters!
You work hard every day in Dragon City so we want to give to you our New Year Calendar! Lasting for 14 days, make sure you check in EVERY DAY to claim two dragons; Jumping Dragon and Sky King Dragon! Also other amazing rewards are awaiting you, don't miss out.

What a year Dragon Masters! You all did so well and saved our beloved Dragon City breeding powers! But the story has not yet finished… While we have been partying and celebrating, the poor Burglar dragon is still in hiding! Dragon Master, he needs your help 🙂 Can you absolve him?

Keep writing your #DragonCityStory. Starting on the 1st day of the new year, head to the Burglar Tower Event Island and get him back to the islands! The event will last for 7 days and will contain 5 Dragons (3 NEW dragons) to collect including the now famous, cute Burglar Dragon! #BringKennyBack

At the same time, we will be running an exclusive Breeding event, in which you will be able to claim the mighty Ocean Lord Dragon (and Viktor the Joker will be at your disposition to help you!)

By the way, collect 4 dragons from this event and get as a reward the epic and barbaric Charging Dragon!

Once you have brought the Burglar Dragon back, to celebrate we will bestow on him breeding powers! As this will be a big moment for the Burglar Dragon, now called Kenny, we will create a whole event for him! Do you want to help him to try? The Burglar Dragon Breeding Event starts directly after the tower event on the 8th January and lasts for 5 days.

Connected to the breeding event and starting on the same day (8th January) we have the Farm Island Event. Here you can collect 3 Dragons including the dragon you need for the Burglar Breeding Event. The event will last for 3 days.

Fasten your seatbelts! Are you ready for the first race of the year? We have taken on your feedback from the last Race and have made some balancing changes for the next Heroic Race.

The next Heroic Race Vortex is starting on the 11th January and ends on the 22nd and we hope you’ll enjoy the improvements!

Take your chances to get the brand NEW High Portal Dragon, this nefarious dragon is sure to win you some battles! Do you have the High Realm Dragon in your Heroic collections? No? Well, this race is your second chance to claim this mighty Dragon. Go, go, go Dragon Master, the race is on...keep completing your Heroic Collections!

Starting on the 22nd January we have a NEW VIP collection for you. Lasting over four months (Jan, Feb, Mar and April), collect all of the 4 prestigious VIP dragons to be able to claim the NEW Pixel Dragon, he may have low definition however his results in battle are definitely in high resolution.

On the same day (22nd) the Blizzard Island event will begin, where you will be able to claim a unique dragon. This event will also have a breeding event running alongside. Are you already thinking of the unique combinations we will have available? 😉

When fire meets ice you get … an amazing island and event which will last for in total 11 days!

Fire&Ice Event Island

Starts on the 25th January and contains 6 amazing dragons! Some cool and some hot up for grabs, 3 of which are NEW!

On this island, we have also hidden pieces of an Epic new dragon… can you find all of the pieces?

Fire & Ice Event Details:

  • Dates: 25th Jan until 1st Feb
  • Main Goal: To collect 10 decorations for both Fire and Ice elements to summon the NEW impressive Legendary FireIce Dragon!

How to collect the decorations?

  • You can collect the Fire and Ice decorations by:
  • Competing temporary Quests
  • DCP
  • Buying the Decorations
  • From the Fire&Ice Island
  • Video Add´s

Oh! Do you want to know how our #DragonCityStory goes on? Can you imagine what Kenny the dragon found in the tower?

Keep an eye on our Facebook fan page, Youtube channel and Dragon City official Forum, we will be sharing more details and exclusive content very soon! Stay tuned!

There will also be many offers coming this month, so make sure you come back frequently to get the dragons you want/need!

We can’t wait to start this month and hear from you guys!

See you back on the islands!

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