The library has crazy rewards, that’s for sure. However, there are some monsters I really like and some I prefer not to get. All that aside, here are my rankings of the books from worst to best and my favorite monster from that book. Exclusive, Team Wars, and Winter will not be included, because I think they’re just extra.

12th Place - Evil Legions

I really don’t like villains. I just don’t. Although there are some I like, most of them I rather not look at. However, there is one villain that I like best from this book. He’s Burotgor! His face makes him look incredibly tough! I also love his idle animation and definitely his hit animation. It’s really hilarious when you see be like “Hey!” when you hit him! However what makes him amazing is his ability to recover! No village is safe from this guy, as he’s the head of the Beastmen Clan which he earned over time.

11th Place - Underworld

I don’t understand why people worship Satan. Probably because of his ability to deceive, and apparently, create horrible creatures. While I really don’t like that, there’s someone I really like from that book. Fayemelina is that someone! She’s above all my favorite monster! She used to be at the roulette! That is until that jerk Osteoclast took the job! Anyway, if you’re wondering why I put her as my favorite even though she’s an epic and not a legendary, her design hits the spot! Before you say anything, I don’t actually have a crush on her... Although her design aside, she can shred many dark legendary monsters if you have just the right runes! Those ones are Power, Speed, and Stamina! I loved her so much that I ranked her up to rank 5 before doing so to my other monsters! I even gave her two relics in a flash. Well technically not in a flash, but you know what I mean. She just earned the title of being my favorite monster of all time. Again, I don’t have a crush on her!

10th Place - Winged

Well, giving that book would make sense, but the Winged book doesn’t really seem to appeal to me. It’s not like I’m “being jealous of not having wings”. It’s that it’s kinda blah to me, but the same won’t be said for Esthirel! If you think Fayemelina wasn’t good enough for you, you’ll love Esthirel’s attack strategy! Heck, those girls would make the perfect tag team if you think about it. The only I don’t like about Esthirel is that her armor is skin tight. Other than that, I love her as well. She’s even on the opposite book of my least favorite book.

9th Place - Families

Yes. I do think that it’s a boring look. There aren’t many monsters in that book either! It’s even hard to pick a monster on this book! Oh wait, it’s not. Enter Fampira. I know her boyfriend is Muerte McBlood, not that it matters, because I do not have a crush on her! On the other hand, the way she fights is top notch! If you don’t take her down soon, she’ll sap your stamina or make you bleed, and sometimes she can recover! Rock on, Fampira!

8th Place - Undead

Yes, most of them are just downright ugly, but that’s beside the point. The point is that most of them lack memory of anyone in particular. That’s the cruel thing about being undead. There are zombies, vampires, skeletons, but also this guy! Dr. Viktor! I was satisfied when I crafted him! Pretty odd considering he runs the Monster Lab himself. He also fights effectively in battle! He can either burn and blind his foes or stun them! Clearly that’s mad science at its best!

7th Place - Sea

Ah, the sea. So peaceful, so wonderful, but not as much to me. Sure you can take a dive, but that’s not always a wise choice in this scenario. You might drown or deal with some monsters on the way. Also, if you think Thetys would be my favorite, you’re definitely wrong since I hate her, and so does my man Hydratila! I like to think of him as the leader of the nemesis group, and despite being the first nemesis coming, he’s one of the Good Legions. If only I got him from the Nemesis Chest. If you’re irritated by Thetys, this is your guy... for $29.99... plus tax! He’s a must have in any situation! I would put him in my attack team again if I had him. Step aside Thetys, this title belongs to Hydratila the Icebringing, Boltcasting, Riftmaker! Just not at the same time.

6th Place - Female

I would disregard gender, and I find it perverted for SocialPoint to put that there! And I’m even a male! Then again, the book makes sense. Some women I like and others... Oh boy. However since Fayemelina is my favorite monster, she takes the title as my favorite in this book as well.

5th Place - Spirits

Now we get to the books I really like! I always love mysterious beings of all sorts! You’ll never know when one may move through your walls! Now since Fayemelina is this book as well, she earns the title of my favorite from this book.

4th Place - Dragon

Oh yeah, dragons! That’s the stuff! Of course some are good and some are bad, pretty much everybody my age knows that. You even start with some dragons yourself! It was kind of hard finding my favorite for this book... but then... I found him. Nadiel the Deforesting, Pyromancing, Flooder! Again, not at the same time. Aside from Faraday, he has a very awesome trait! Like Lucifire, he’s immune to burn and freeze, but what’s Lucifire missing? Immunity to ignition and a 30% resistance to status effects! While he lacks a good enough design, he makes up for this killer trait! He almost made it to my favorite nemesis, but he got the title of my favorite monster in this book. I even got the man! Watch out, Alces!

3rd Place - Mechanical

Sure, machines can be a pain in the neck, but some of these monsters aren’t... If only the same could be said for an unnecessary monster! I’m not talking about Ingenica as she made it to my favorite monster of this book! Yeah, I was disappointed in the event while many of you we furious about it. But hey, you can get her in the Artifact Chest for 399 gems... if you get lucky, she’s in your hands! She’s even able to disable traits and apply something called “Artifact Hater” to her allies! Darn you, Flamerion!

2nd Place - Superheroes

If you thought this was going to be number one on my list, you were close! I love superheroes so much! ...Except for VoltaiK! All I’m saying though is that these monsters are amazing! I appreciate you Vanoss fans out there, and I watched a few videos of him, but the title actually goes to the Firestorm! I love his attitude, and his persona! At first glance you may think he’s a bad guy, but clearly he’s not! He gives himself some support by shouting, “I’m the Firestorm!” He can even save the world from meteors by juggling them as if they were ping pong balls according to his bio! He really is on fire, because he’s my favorite Superhero in this game!

1st Place - Good Legions

The Good Legions are my favorite of all the books! Oh please, “It’s good to be bad”. It’s better to be good! These guys are awesome, and I love everything about them! And... Hydratila already took the spot for my favorite Monster in this book. Evil is so overrated. Good is the dominant side because good always wins!