Your game account progress is not saved on your device but on your FACEBOOK account.

If you have Monster Legends on a mobile device and you have not connected it to your Facebook account and your device is broken, lost, stolen, or reset, then YOU WILL LOSE the account.

How to connect your game to Facebook?
Go to your game settings and click CONNECT to Facebook. Follow the instructions. Please be sure to select Yes when prompted in order to select your game to save your progress.
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What happens if you change your device and the game was NOT connected to Facebook?
Unfortunately, your progress will be lost. There is nothing we can do to retrieve your account.

What can you do if you have changed your device and it was connected to Facebook?
Go through the tutorial and then when the game asks you to connect to Facebook, log in to your correct Facebook account and the progress of your account should resync.

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What happens when I link my facebook account to my game?
Many users have access to more than one facebook account. If you fall into this category, please be very sure of the facebook account which you link your account to. Once you link your game to a facebook account it is "married" to this account forever. Your game can only be linked to one facebook account and this cannot be changed.