I have saved all my coins for the last discount and because I wasn't sure for wich monster to go until I had all my coins so...I waited until that last discount (30%) to spend them. The only monster I wanted to get was Zimnyaya and those 2 level VII runes and the gold ches. But when the discount started it was followed by a crash, after I spent some time clearing cache I finally could login BUT I couldn't move anything..I couldn't even get aut of the game until I had to force close-out the game and my phone. And all of this because of that stupid crash. When I finally could login without problems I only had 15 minutes to spend my 27 000 maze coins. Obviously I failed to get ANYTHING. Besides the fact that I've spent time with this game, I've also spent some money. Can something be done to this problem @Fox ? Thank you and have a nice day.