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Below you will find the complete list of Champions stats with a brief description of their particularities.
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Physical Damage --> The amount of damage dealt by a basic attack and the applicable damage modifiers.

Magic Damage --> A Champion stat that increases the effectiveness of most skills.

Critical Damage --> The percentage of damage increase provided by critical chance. A critical strike is a basic attack or an ability that deals twice its normal damage. All basic attacks can critically strike, but only a few abilities can. It's not possible to critically strike towers.

Critical Chance --> The chance in percentage of a basic attack dealing a critical strike. Critical Chance stacks. Items and skills can increase Critical Chance.

True Damage --> A type of pure damage that ignores armor and magic resistance, as well as other forms of damage reduction.

Armor Penetration --> A Champion stat that reduces the effectiveness of a target's armor.

Magic Penetration --> A Champion stat which allows their Magic Damage (resulting from their skills, enhanced attacks, etc) to ignore some or all of one target's Magic Resistance.

Attack Speed --> The frequency of a Champion's basic attack. This is measured and displayed as attacks per second.

Health --> Refers to the amount of life a Champion has. Max health is the cap on life any Champion can have. Current health is directly reduced by damage and is regained in many different ways.

Life Steal --> An offensive stat that restores health to the wielder on all basic attacks, including skills that modify these basic attacks.

Movement Speed --> A stat that represents the rate at which a Champion travels across the map. One Movement Speed point translates to one distance unit traveled per second.

Armor --> A stat shared by all Champions. Increased Armor reduces the Physical Damage the Champion takes. Each Champion begins with some Armor that may increase with skills and items. Armor values can stack.

Magic Resistance --> A stat shared by all Champions. Increased Magic Resistance reduces the Magic Damage the Champion takes. Each Champion begins with some Magic Resistance which may increase with skills and items. Magic Resistance stacks.

Attack Range --> A measurement used to determine how far in range an attack or skill can go.

Health Regeneration --> A stat that determines the amount of Health a Champion regenerates over a five-second period.

Cooldown Reduction --> A percentage stat that reduces the cooldown of skills, or the amount of time before a skill can be used again after activation.

Tenacity --> A stat that reduces the duration of all crowd control effects.

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