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Fire & Ice Event Details:

Dates: 25th Jan until 1st Feb
Main Goal: To collect 10 decorations in total combining Magma Rocks and Frozen Crystals to summon the NEW impressive Legendary FireIce Dragon!

How to collect the decorations?

  • You can collect the Fire and Ice decorations by:
  • Completing Temporary Quests
  • Dragon Card Pack
  • Buying the Decorations
  • From the Fire&Ice Island
  • Video Ads

Temporary Quests:

Dates: 25 Jan to 29 Jan
Requirements: Iceberg Dragon
Rewards: Pelusa Dragon & 3 Fire Decorations plus other Rewards!

Dates: 29 Jan to 31 Jan
Requirements: Pelusa Dragon
Rewards: Ranoldo Dragon & 4 Ice Decorations plus other Rewards!

Good Luck! And see you back on the Islands