Greetings, Monster Masters!

We hope you are enjoying the current Talos Nemesis event and you got yourself some VIPs Eggs and Nemesis cells.

But no rest for the wicked, there some changes for the Buffed island coming.
To be showcased in the Buffed island, Monsters didn’t have to work hard, all they needed to do was to join Monster Legends world as new inhabitants and their powers would be increased. Now, they need to deserve it.

What does this mean?
Monsters in the Buffed Island will be chosen based on other events that are running or will be running in the game.

New monsters don't have to be necessarily inhabiting the island and you can even encounter some breedable monsters.

This means that the buffs on these monsters should provide more support on your endeavors and help you out through other game events.

Which buffs can I expect?
Normal Monthly buff - increase of 10% Power, 5% Life, 5% Speed, 10% Stamina
Special buff - increase of 20% Power, 10% Life, 10% Speed, 20% Stamina

Have fun with the new island!