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Hello, Dragon Masters!

First of all, we here at the Dragon City team would like to say hello and we hope that you’ve had a very nice beginning of 2018. We know this is going to be a super exciting year and we’re so happy and thankful that you’ve chosen to spend it with us 🙂

We hope you’ve enjoyed 2018 so far as much as we have, and especially we hope that you’re enjoying the new elements that little by little we’re adding to the game. December was a very emotional month with Kenny’s story of redemption, friendship and forgiveness, and what’s better, it kicked us off into an amazing adventure in January via the Tree of Life seed!

Let’s keep writing together our unique #DragonCityStory!
By the way, have you seen our Videos yet? -> Tree of life origins playlist ->

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You’re probably pumped to start playing with the Tree of Life and checking out the Dragons, especially the brand new ones, you can start summoning from the Dragonverse thanks to the Tree. And make no mistake, it will get even better. We’re sure you have been enjoying the PvP Arenas so far, but now they will be extra rewarding thanks to the cool new Warrior’s Chest which will give you Orbs you can use to summon Dragons in the Tree of Life!

But it doesn’t stop there. Some of the Dragons you’ll get thanks to the Warrior’s Chest will boast Special Skills that you can use in battle. These skills are quite unlike anything we’ve seen in Dragon City before, including the Skill of multiple hits, or the chance to gain an extra turn! These Skills will add a whole new dimension to Dragon City battles, and those who master them will have an extra edge in the Arenas! You’ll be able to see which Dragons have Special Skills as they’ll be identified in the game. So start checking them out as soon as you can!

But enough about January! What is coming in February 2018?

What we’ve seen so far from the Tree of Life is not all, not by a longshot. Such a special tree connecting all the Multiverses together, including the Dragonverse, has a lot more to offer, believe us. One of the first things you’ll see is that a Grove will start growing by the Tree of Life. This is the Alliance Grove. In the middle of it, you’ll find a special place where you can use the communication through the Multiverse to Create and Join Alliances.

The Alliances will allow you to play the game as a group, joining to fulfill your goals!

But what kind of goals will you be completing? Well, for starters, you will be able to fill together a cool new Alliance chest. By teaming up to complete missions, you will be able to receive a chest filled with awesome rewards including Orbs of dragons never seen before in Dragon City!

What kind of dragon you ask? Well… don’t tell anyone you heard this here but… it turns out that what Gaia saw in the Dragonverse was even beyond what she had imagined. Among the many incredible dragons she saw, she saw some that both her and Deus thought had been extinct for Millenia. The Primal element Dragons. The Primal element was the very first dragon element to exist, which was throughout the ages refined into the Pure and Legend elements we know today.

But these dragons still exist in the Dragonverse! And with the power of cooperation and collaboration, we know that you can find a way to bring them to your own City, Dragon Master!

Isn’t this amazing? And believe us, March and beyond will bring even more and cooler surprises! We really cannot wait to sink our teeth into them! Can you?

There will also be many offers coming this month, so make sure you come back frequently to get the dragons you need!

We hope to hear from you very soon!

See you back on the Islands! 😉