Greetings Monster Masters!

It’s that time of the year again when love has the power to overcome all things. St. Valentine's day is almost here and we want you all to feel the love and our appreciation! For a whole week, we will pamper you with discounts and chests with amazing content! Prepare to be loved!

What can you expect?

St. Valentines breeding
This breeding is divided into 3 phases and you can find all the recipes HERE. All phases are connected, to breed monsters in the second phase you need to have Monsters from the first phase, to get Monsters in the third phase you need to have ones in the second phase. So it is very important to plan ahead!**

  • Phase 1 is already live. You can check it HERE.
    You have time until 14/02/2018.

  • Phase 2 starts Feb 14th.

  • Phase 3 which starts Feb 18th.

Vault Discount
Do you have space for your Monsters? Now is the time to unlock more slots in your Monster Vault as they will cost much less!
Set a reminder in your calendars for Feb 16th!

Battle Stamina Cooldown
In Monster Legends Universe there is no time to rest! Your stamina will be powered by love and from Feb 16th you will feel refreshed much faster as the cooldown for Battle Stamina will be shorter!

St. Valentines chest
This chest will appear on Valentine's day Feb 14th and you will be able to purchase it one time only!
It may contain Legendary monsters, gold/silver relics, Legendary/Epic/Rare cells, Elementium, Food, Gold, Runes.

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Lucky chest
As the name suggests, this chest is super lucky, you can't really go wrong!
This chest will grant you gems + even more gems. How many you find depends on how lucky you are but it's never less than the base shop price for the same amount of gems.

Will be available from Feb 17th.
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