This is an idea I had come up with sometime ago and emailed to SP but they're probably sick of my emails, basic premise is this, with some evolutions.

Grand Prize: The Nothing, a creature of my design, darn you Neverending Story for such a great name I'm taking it. He's an Angel of Reality, immune to Status and only the Special Element.

How to obtain:
A 100 level (floor) mayhem fest, not really mayhem but that sounds interesting huh? These floors would take Ranked up monsters with high runes to clear all 100 floors, with rotating elements and book monsters to go against, but every (we'll say 5 floors) you have to personally work on tasks like those that take place in the Races, examples-

Craft 6 level 5 runes
Breed 8 Epics
Rank up a Legendary Monster, etc. With more difficulty (but not absurd) as the player clears the floors.

Wouldn't be survival dungeon, would give rewards after each floor cleared, maybe make it level locked to having to be Player level 130.

Understandably this would be very difficult to clear, especially for only one legend, so it'd need to be very Powerful, but not abusable by buying multiple or something nonsensical, elementium rank up only (does not make cells of the monster stays elementium), uncraftable, but a lvl 130 of this monster would be destructive.

This sounds more romantic and excellent in my mind but not a great format, I think this could be a good thing to strive for to complete on our own and work on, I find myself stuck wanting more to do in Monsters but lulls in mazes or titan stuff or prep day of wars, cranking out the dungeons, downtime kinda stinks and want to do more, this would give people tasks and floors to clear towards a reward worth the frustration.