Greetings, Monster Masters!

Nemesis Monsters have finally transported their last member of the family through the multiverse to your islands. Now they want to share their abilities with all of you and become the most famous Monsters in the Monster Legend Universe.

But nothing is that simple and they don’t want to be known as freelancers where anybody can own them, they have their pride! You need to be worthy of their presence! They decided that each one of them will set up a special dungeon full of traps, monsters, and scary spiders! You will have to face challenging enemies and overcome the hurdles that Nemesis has prepared for you and at the end, sweet sweet rewards will be waiting for you! Show them you are worthy!

There is a possibility this event will be reoccurring.

Description of the event:
9 dungeons from March 10th - March 19th.
Each dungeon lasts 24 hours.
Each Nemesis will have 3 dungeons with different difficulty levels where you will be able to find cells of each type of the certain Nemesis.
Restrictions: Element of the main Nemesis (0 rank, 2 ranks, 4 ranks), no duplicate Monsters

Calendar (CET):

10/03/2018 WATER
11/03/2018 FIRE
12/03/2018 EARTH
13/03/2018 DARK
14/03/2018 LIGHT
15/03/2018 NATURE
16/03/2018 MAGIC
17/03/2018 THUNDER
18/03/2018 METAL


Hydratila Dungeons
Duration: 12 pm CET March 10th - 11:59 pm CET March 11th.
3 Dungeons with different difficulty levels : Medium, Hard, Extreme.
Restrictions (minimum): Water monster rank 0 for easiest difficulty, Water monster rank 2 for medium difficulty, Water monster rank 4 for the hardest difficulty, no duplicate Monsters
In each dungeon you will have the possibility of getting cells of Hydratila the Boltcaster, Hydratila the Icebringer, and Hydratila the Riftmaker.