So i have been playing this game for around 16 hrs every day for 13 months now, still loving the game. Been co lead for last 8 months in my current team "Aimless psycho executioners 3" race team or "King Islands" war team and had a great time joining as one of their weakest members.
Today and 7 race wins in a row, found many good friends in this awesome team and me becoming instead of one of their weakest, well i can modest say i am their strongest now, I just come to the conclusion i need to find myself a stronger team to settle my goals and ambitions.

I am not looking to join another team straight away. I have 3 accounts And are planning to chill in my own team for around 1 month to trade with myself and take my time be ready.

But i am getting it out there well ahead in time if any top teams can find use of another member. so let me know if so .

stats : lvl 91 mp 55, 851 , worst monster on profile lvl 110 frostbite with lvl 6 speed runes.

other facts: missed 3 attacks in 13 months, 15 war coins in 97 % of ANY war. VERY social

recuirement: winner mentality and big careness about race, or i am not intressed