Here are a few observations I've made in the past few weeks, not sure if things work as intended or if something is bugged:

  • Mountain trait now blocks mega freeze ( not sure about mega stun), so does Warthak. Is it meant to be this way?

  • Warthak now blocks exclusive types of possession as well ( hacked/glitched), is this intended?

  • Giving your team mates immunity to freeze with an attack ( Darmith's bodyguard Atlantis Pact in this case) does not provide immunity to mega freeze. I thought based on what @Carlos said regarding possession that immunity from a skill would block exclusive types of this status effects like it does for possession.

  • Recently frozen/possessed, this happens when a monster has been affected by this status for 2 turns, right? I've seen this a lot when I still bothered fighting Xiron, I've since given up 🙂

  • How does "recently stunned" work in regard to megastun?