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Hello, Dragon Masters!

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Again, we find ourselves at the beginning of a new month. You have no idea how much it means to us that every month we get to continue enjoying the privilege of your time and attention. Thanks again and please know that our drive is to bring as many beautiful Dragon experiences as we can.

March was an interesting month, during which we hear that more and more Alliances were starting to form, and we see that a lot of players are engaged in creating and maintaining their Alliance and filling an Alliance chest! Many of our players were finally able to start bringing some Primal Dragons to Dragon City, which makes us very happy. Have you tried putting them to breed yet? I wonder what other Primal Element Dragons we’ll see! To find out, stay tuned to this #DragonCityStory!

So what’s coming in April and beyond in Dragon City?

Last month you read it here first, and now we’re happy to announce that we will be including Habitat tokens in many events, and especially in the Arenas, so that you can increase the number of slots in your habitats and place more Dragons! Little by little you’ll find that you can get more tokens, more space, and can fill your islands with a record number of Dragons. We know you’ll enjoy this!

Very soon you will also see a minor ‘cosmetic’ change. The “stars” you see (that represent the battle rank of a Dragon) will visually change to a different indicator. Don’t worry! The Dragon’s rank isn’t going anywhere! A Dragon with a rank of 3 Gold Stars will still be the same, only you will see a different icon on the Dragon instead of the Gold stars. And why are we doing this? Well, you’ll see! 😉

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But what’s coming later? Well, here’s a little secret we heard from Gaia… you know how you obtain Orbs in different parts of Dragon City? Well… we haven’t seen the true meaning of Dragon Orbs yet. Not by a long shot. The essence of Dragons contained in these orbs is a force too awesome to just be lying there! What will you be able to do with these Orbs?

And lastly, Deus let us in on an even bigger secret… Alliances are really cool, and filling an Alliance chest together feels great. But, there will be new things to do with the Alliances before you know it! And of course, with these cool new activities, cool new rewards will come! I can’t wait! Can you?

Have a great Easter and see you back on the Islands!