Greetings, Monster Masters!

We are currently rolling out a new version of the game, it might take a few days before 6.3.1 appears in all app stores, so please be patient as you can look forward to speed improvements and some other cool things for your friends!

Invite your friends

Monster Legends is more fun with friends! Invite friends, help them progress, and claim exclusive rewards! You won’t need the Recruitment Tavern and the Monster Market anymore, so they will become decorations on your islands.

Battle Attack Order Improvements

Since we have noticed that there have been some issues with attack orders when speed modifications were applied: With this update, we have fixed the logic of turn orders every time there is a speed up or slow down applied by Relics or Status.

  • Now, we recalculate all monster attack orders whenever a speed modification is applied.
  • Now, we recalculate all monster attack orders when a speed modification effect expires.
  • Now, we take into account current attack orders whenever a Monster is Resurrected.


  • Fixed claiming Team Race rewards with different accounts on the same device
  • Mirror skill won't reflect perks anymore