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Dear community,

With the latest update of the game (v7.1), we have introduced more ways to get Tokens!

Remember that with those tokens we can upgrade our Habitats from Big to Large, and then, place more Dragons on our Islands!!

Q: How can I obtain Tokens?

At the moment, by completing an Elemental Arena, you are rewarded with Elemental Tokens to upgrade your habitat of that element. Now, you will have more ways:

  • Fighting in the PvP Arenas:
    • Obtaining Warriors Chest. (NEW!)
    • Chances when winning battles. (NEW!)
  • Sometimes you will be able to get tokens also on temporary events (Event Islands, Heroic Races, maybe in Trailers) and offers.


More information -> Elemental Token: new Habitat Upgrade System!

Q: I have Tokens but I cannot upgrade my Habitat! Why can't I do it?
Please remember that you need to reach a specific level to be able to upgrade certain habitats!

0_1522859897529_Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 13.34.07.png Important:

With the latest update of the game, version 7.1, we are going to introduce some technical improvements in the game. Thus, some mobile devices may NOT display all Dragons placed in a Habitat.

(Example: If the habitat has 5 Dragons, in some devices it might display just 4 of them).

  • Q: Why I can't see all my dragon on the map?

Depending on your mobile phone and memory capacity we will display a different number of dragons to guarantee a good experience and avoid technical issues.

So, these improvements might help us improve the issues with 'the blue dragons visuals' when we first log in. Although, please keep in mind that, even if some Dragons are not visible, they are still available!

  • Q: How can I see all my dragons?

You can check all your dragons in the Dragon Book, filter owned on the bottom left of your screen

  • Q: How can I see all the dragons in the habitat?

Tap on the habitat that you want and you will be able to see them all on the bottom of your screen.

That's all for now, Dragon Master!

Have a great day and see you back on the islands!