Greetings, Monster Masters!

In Season 21 of the Multiplayer mode, your Attack Team will face tougher enemies and your Defense Team will have an easier time protecting your Trophies.

In the Multiplayer mode we are releasing a new AI to ensure more balanced and fair fights by reflecting the real strength and synergy of the opponent team. However, this is only a testing phase to give you an opportunity to see and experience the new, smarter and challenging enemies.

Let’s first define some terms.
AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, and everytime you battle against team, either in Multiplayer mode or in Team Wars, the opposing team is controlled by it.
In Monster Legends we have two systems that are using AI, PvP and PvE.

  • PvE stands for Player versus Environment where players fight against non-player monsters, or NPCs, these battles happen mainly in Dungeons, Adventure Map, event islands, etc.
  • PvP means Player versus Player, this mode is the most exciting and you can fight against monster teams of other players in Multiplayer Mode and Team Wars.

We will introduce the new AI next week, April 16th, only in the PvP - Multiplayer Mode, as we would like to get your feedback on how this new challenge feels like before we update the Team Wars AI as well.

Beta test of the new improved AI

Multiplayer Mode

With the new AI, you’ll be more likely to win your defense as your monsters will be smarter. Before, the old AI was not the brightest and sometimes made choices in fight that player wouldn’t necessarily make.

April 16th, Season 21 of the Multiplayer Mode

What is going to happen next?
This is only a testing phase and we will keep an eye on the feedback we will receive from our community, as well as the data that we will gather directly from the game.

Visit our forums to share your feedback with us and discuss these changes with your fellow players! Our forum community is amazing, fun and happy to see new faces!

You can also share your feedback through our Customer Service!

Thank you,
Your Monster Legends Team