Hi all,

I do not know, how about you, but I'm really frustreded regarding PVP mode. I cannot understand the matching system in arena, all the opponents are in avarage 1-2 ranks about me ... If there is opportunity to hit enemy monster, why not missed again ... But the enemy hits are all successful, why not, also with dazzle ... . Somehow I feel not happy with the arena mode. If I win only 20-25 points for me, if lost up to 32-46 points minus

I'm loosing also against opponents with monsters on level just 60 ... (I had 120-130 X-X-X), how is this possible?. The speed artefact works just wrong by stunned or freezed monster. Defending monster are changing without my impact. During attack of me I m attacked too ...

I reported also several buggs to social point, provided pictures, examples, but there is no solution and respond like we working on it ... after 3 months not helpful.

What about you? Do you have similar experiences, or just me?