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Dear community,

As you well know, we recently added more ways to get Tokens! -> More info HERE

But this is not all! Update your game to v7.1.1 and from Monday 16 onwards, you will be able to use all elemental tokens you collect to upgrade your habitats and place more dragons inside them! How?

New Upgrade System for Habitats

New level system (up to 7) -> level up your habitat and get more space for you Dragons!
Let's use as an example Electric Habitat.

  • Electric Habitat Level 1= 2 Dragons (buy with gold)
  • Electric Habitat Level 2= 4 Dragons (upgrade with gold)
  • Electric Habitat Level 3= 5 Dragons (upgrade with Tokens)
  • Electric Habitat Level 4= 6 Dragons (upgrade with Tokens)
  • Electric Habitat Level 5= 7 Dragons (upgrade with Tokens)
  • Electric Habitat Level 6= 8 Dragons (upgrade with Tokens)
  • Electric Habitat Level 7= 9 Dragons (upgrade with Tokens)

ALSO, all Habitats at Level 3 have a new Art-design! Do not worry, the size won't change, they will just look so much nicer! 🙂

Let me show you a few examples:
0_1523369707698_Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 16.14.39.png

They are awesome, aren't they? 🙂

0_1523524063428_Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 13.34.07.png
IMPORTANT: Subsequent upgrades for the same element will cost more Elemental Tokens.

So please remember that the more habitats of the same element we upgrade, the more Tokens we will need to upgrade the following Habitats! The idea is to play, enjoy the game and while doing so get Tokens every day!
Little by little, we will be getting more space for our Dragons! 🙂

That's all for now, Dragon Master!

Have a great day and see you back on the islands!

0_1523614440811_More Space for Dragons!.png

P.S.: Kind reminder! How can I obtain Tokens?

You have many different ways to collect Tokens now:

  • Fighting in the PvP Arenas:
    • Obtaining Warriors Chest. (NEW!)
    • Chances when winning battles. (NEW!)
  • Sometimes you will be able to get tokens also on temporary events:
    • Event Islands
    • Heroic Races
    • Maybe in Trailers & offers.


More information -> Elemental Token: new Habitat Upgrade System!