I really like the old style of DC. I liked how the animation was clean and slow, and how the dragons were meant to really look like their elements fit them (probably because they were given elements before designs.) Anyways, I have a problem with the glowing auras, complex designs and odd lighting/shading of the newer dragons, as well as minor things like clipping animation (this is very noticeable in the redesigned flame and the grumpy dragon, mostly on their tales and underbellies), dark or bright palette and very bouncy or jittery animation (especially noticeable in Neo-hanzo, High snow and redesigned star) , since it makes the dragons very hard to see or gives me headaches.
Dragons like the butterfly, electric, robot and sea dragons have this certain feel and smoothness to their animation that I can't help but notice is only present in the old dragons. Would it be possible to make some "throwback dragons" in the old style just to experiment? I think it would be easier, too, since there would be fewer parts and less animation, with less complicated effects. I have a few ideas, if you'd like to see them? Thanks!