Greetings Monster Masters!

From tomorrow you can enjoy the Nemesis Dungeons. Be prepared to grind some cells!

Description of the event:
9 dungeons from April 21th - April 30th.
Each dungeon lasts 24 hours.
Each Nemesis will have 3 dungeons with different difficulty levels where you will be able to find cells of each type of the certain Nemesis.
Restrictions: Element of the main Nemesis (0 rank, 2 ranks, 4 ranks), no duplicate Monsters

Calendar (CET):

21/04/2018 WATER
22/04/2018 FIRE
23/04/2018 EARTH
24/04/2018 DARK
25/04/2018 LIGHT
26/04/2018 NATURE
27/04/2018 MAGIC
28/04/2018 THUNDER
29/04/2018 METAL


Hydratila Dungeons
In each dungeon you will have the possibility of getting cells of Hydratila the Boltcaster, Hydratila the Icebringer, and Hydratila the Riftmaker.

Duration: 12 pm CET April 21st - 11:59 pm CET April 22nd.
3 Dungeons with different difficulty levels: Medium, Hard, Extreme.

Minimum restrictions:

  • Water monster rank 0 for easiest difficulty
  • Water monster rank 2 for medium difficulty
  • Water monster rank 4 for the hardest difficulty, no duplicate Monsters