We will release Daily Missions and the changes to the Goals to everyone soon! Get rewarded completing your daily missions simply by performing your Monster Legends daily routine of battling & collecting. If you complete ALL your daily missions you obtain Gems and Ingenica Cells and you can do it every day!
You can obtain up to 90 gems monthly!

  • The old Mission will now be extended beyond level 15 with new long-term goals that will grant amazing rewards like Relics, Gems, Monsters etc.
  • Adventure Map change - Boss and Mini Boss nodes have now different rewards. The Gems that were previously obtained on these nodes are now obtainable on equivalent Goals.
  • Achievements tab moved to new Goals section and some rewards are slightly re-balanced.

Totem Changes (live on 03/05/2018)

We are rebalancing Totem to ensure that his mechanics are consistent with the rest of the game.
Similar Status Effects don't stack in Monster Legends, as result of this mechanic a monster cannot have 2 stun, 2 poison, 2 damage increase etc. at the same time (the newer will replace the older), but it was possible in the case of Totem.

For this reason we did the following changes on its skills:
We have improved the buffs that Totem can grant to its allies:

  • Hounsi Skill, Mahu Mojo and Rites of Voudoun will now apply the status effect Totem Strength Buff, which increases the Damage by 100%

  • Baka Ritual and Sweet Loa will now apply the status effect Totem Stamina Buff, which increases the Total Stamina by 50%

  • Wanga Gift and Hoodoo Trance will now apply the status effect Totem Health Buff, which increases the Total Health by 75%
  • Zombie Beat and Veve Magic will now apply the status effect Totem Life, Power and Stamina Buff, which increases the mentioned stats 25%

Totem buffs won't stack anymore

  • To be consistent with status effects mechanics

This changes will go live the 3rd of May.