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Hello, Dragon Masters!

It’s once again time to welcome a new month, and with that, the opportunity to greet you and wish that you continue to have fantastic Dragon City experiences.

First of all, we would like to share with you ALL something very special. We have been talking to some Dragon Masters and we want to let you know the results! Check out the DC Newsletter here ->

Looking back at April, we hope you’ve had the chance to enjoy some of the latest additions we’ve made to the game. We know how much space means to you, and we know that you want to have as many Dragons as possible in your habitats, so we’re very happy to see how players are enjoying getting tokens in the Arenas and using them to upgrade their habitats. Have you calculated how many more Dragons you can now place in the islands? And remember, the Arenas aren’t going anywhere, so you’ll have a lot of time to get many tokens there!


But you’re not here to read about things you’ve already seen in the game, right? 😉 You want to know what’s coming next!

Well… you’ve waited long enough, and you deserve to know where this #DragonCityStory is heading. In January, we introduced the Tree of Life, and you got a first glimpse of the power of Dragon Orbs. But only now we will start to see the true power and potential of Dragon Orbs. You see, you remember when Gaia said that Dragon orbs hold the Essence of Dragons, all the way from Dragonverse, well this is not something that should be treated lightly. Very soon, you will see how Dragon Orbs will be used to Empower your Dragons, and unleash their hidden potential! Isn’t that exciting? I can’t wait to see what this means and the heights Dragons will reach thanks to this awesome new power!

And what’s next? Well, if you remember, the Dragonverse didn’t just give us access to Dragon Orbs. There was something else there... we’re of course talking about Primal Dragons! And of course, the nagging question… do you think there was ever a Primal Heroic Dragon? And if so, what would we have to do in order to summon it? Remember that only through cooperation you can get access to Primal Dragon Orbs! I wonder… will we ever find a Primal Heroic Dragon together?

Stay tuned to find the answer!

Have a great month and see you back on the Islands!

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