Greetings, Monster Masters!

The Titan Invasion is coming back in the following days, be prepared to defend Monster Legends from the alien invasion!
Thanks for the feedback you sent, we took it into account to improve and tweak the event.

Individual Reward
You'll be able now to get individual rewards based on your individual score. This score takes into account the damage you deal to the Titan, the eventual boost of the killing blow and your participation in the quest completion.

Individual Leaderboard
Keep track of your teammates contribution to the event and your progression toward the Individual Rewards.

Information about the player & team who delivered the Killing Blow
Everyone will know who to blame or praise!

Attack phase will now have a score limit
If your team reaches this limit, the attack phase will automatically finish.

Better notification when the attack phase is active
The event Icon will change when your team engages the Titan, so you will know there is no time to waste and start the attack!

Now you will have to face different Titans each of them with a different attack behaviour. Oops… we are in trouble.

Bug fixing
Technical & visual improvements based on community feedback.

Rules for kicking players out of the Team during the event
Kicking rules are the same as in Team Race.

We'll be happy to hear your feedback!