Hey Dragon Masters.

Sometimes, you may find bugs in the game that annoy you.
They annoy us too!

The best way to let us know what is happening is by sending a ticket through the game itself!

You can send us a ticket by doing the following:

- In your game, click the settings icon in the top right

0_1488883885611_step 1.jpg

- Inside this menu, click the "FAQ" button


- You can search through the list of FAQ's here to find your issue OR use the search bar to find relevant information for you


- By searching through the FAQ's, you might even be able to solve the issue yourself, so always try to do this first!


- If you have searched and nothing is helping, then inside any of the FAQ's, you will find the contact us button in the top right


- You should then select the category you think this issue falls under.

1_1488883885612_step 6.PNG

- Describe your issue with as much detail as possible. Just sending "It does not work" does not really help us finding the exact issue. You can tell us:

  1. When is happened
  2. Buttons your pressed
  3. Is it happening to a specific building or Dragon or all of them
  4. What steps have you tried to see if you can solve it

Be as detailed as you can. The more information we have, the easier it is for us to try and reproduce it.

2_1488883885612_step 7.PNG

- Then be patient. There are many people writing into us on a daily basis with some kind of request.
It can take some time for your ticket to be solved as most cases require a developer to look into the issue.