Greetings Monster Masters!

Titans are attacking and they are tougher than ever! In the next couple of hours we are going to apply some changes and tweaks to lower the difficulty of the event and make it more interesting.

Final Team Rewards: Increased amount of Elementium for all tiers

0_1526044126108_Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 15.05.54.png

Warmasters heard about Titans invading… again, and even though they are on their way to Monster Legends, they won’t be able to come in time before this Titan Invasion attack. So they have decided to help you out in defending your islands by casting a “slow down” curse on the Titans.

  • From now on you will have more chances to deal damage to the Titans!

After a tough few hours of battling the first Titans, our best strategists came up with a plan. What is the best approach to defeat the Titans? Follow some of the simple steps below for guaranteed success!

  • Maximize damage with strong elemental attackers.
  • Use support monsters that can clean negative effects.
  • The best Runes to use are Life and Strength Runes.