What about making a book that contains monsters which represents holidays around the world.

Some ideas:
Panda Claus, Krampus, Firus, Xpug, Rodolph, Freeza, Kimmel's Gift, Flirty, Son Cookie (Christmas)
Rabooka, Thundhare, Chocobunny, Monster Clutch (Easter)
Lagerchaun, Sham-Rokku (St. Patricks's Day)
Pandafest (Oktoberfest)
Pandaval, Sambacadabra, Firelequin (Carneval)
Freedom Feather, Pyrotech, Crushmore (Independence Day)
Ao Loong, Musu (Chinese New Year)
Roastie, Plymouth (Thanksgiving)
Darkgzul, Lostyghost, Sir Slumberly, Klectus, Gretchen, Wisteria, Count Vlad, Fampira (Halloween)
Chocolove (Valentine's Day)
Hayman (Harvest festival)