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Dear community,

A new Heroic Race is around the corner! It is time to unveil the PRIZES that are waiting for the upcoming Heroic Race: Metagame!

Rewards EVERY LAP & Balancing changes

  • Balancing -> We have taken your feedback from the previous Heroic Race and have made this one more challenging and competitive! With this in mind, we implemented a new system to which changes how we balance the Race. Please let us know your feedback!

  • We have also added heaps of Orbs for you to start collecting to be able to EMPOWER your Dragons so they become stronger in battle!

  • The Ultime Chest: Reach LAP 50 and get all of these extraordinary Rewards!

    • 500 Legend Tokens
    • 4 x 25 Heroic Orbs
    • 2 x 50 legendary orbs
    • Tons of FOOD! 5 Million
  • Dates: It will run from Thursday, May 24th to Monday, June 4th.

  • Awesome Heroic Dragons await: Participate in this exciting challenge and you will have the chance to claim 2 Heroic Dragons:
    High Score Dragon (new!)
    High Amuka Dragon

First of all, as usual, in order to be eligible for the event rewards, please remember that you will have to REACH LAP 5. If you achieve this number of laps, you will unlock the prizes and, depending on your final position in the ranking at the end of the race, you will be able to get the following rewards:

1st place:
Heroic High Score Dragon (New!)
Epic: Voltaix Dragon
Very Rare: Pyrex Dragon
Rare: Freezox Dragon

2nd - 3rd place:
Epic: Voltaix Dragon
Very Rare: Pyrex Dragon
Rare: Freezox Dragon

4th - 8th place:
Very Rare: Pyrex Dragon
Rare: Freezox Dragon
25 Gems

...and what about the Special Rewards? For this new ,race we have added many more rewards! We will have REWARDS at the end of EVERY LAP! Check out the list of ALL the rewards you can get NOW!


As usual, we have divided a former Heroic Dragon into 3 pieces. These 3 pieces are hidden at the end of certain Laps and, in order to summon the High Amuka Dragon, you will need to collect the 3 pieces! ALSO, each of the pieces has a value of 1 Million in Gold! (once the HR comes to an end, you can either keep the pieces or sell them.)

  • Reach LAP 2 and be rewarded: Common Orb Chest -> 10 Common Orbs.
  • Reach LAP 3 and be rewarded: Gold.
  • Reach LAP 4 and be rewarded: 15 Gems.
  • Reach LAP 5 and you will QUALIFY for the race prizes + 10 Rare Orbs.
  • Reach LAP 6 and be rewarded: 50 ICE Tokens.
  • Reach LAP 7 and get the 1st piece of a Heroic Dragon - Amuka.
  • Reach LAP 8 and be rewarded: Common Orb Chest -> 10 Common Orbs.
  • Reach LAP 9 and be rewarded: 50 WAR Tokens.
  • Reach LAP 10 and get the 2nd piece of High Amuka.
  • Reach LAP 11 and be rewarded: 20 Rare Orbs.
  • Reach LAP 12 and get the 3rd and final piece of the High Amuka Dragon that will allow you to summon it.
    Remember to close the game and log in to get the 3rd piece first. Then, once you have the 3 pieces, to summon the dragon, close and log in again!
  • Reach LAP 13 and be rewarded: Food
  • Reach LAP 14 and be rewarded: 3 Legendary Orbs
  • Reach LAP 15 and win a brand new High Score Dragon once the Heroic Race comes to an end!
    (Note: You may have to wait while our system checks and verifies your position, but don’t worry, we will do it!)

Would you like to compete an extra mile? Take the challenge, keep racing until the very end of the Heroic Race to GET THE TOP BEST RACING MASTERS! Your effort will be rewarded! Reach the following laps and get these prizes:

  • Reach LAP 16 and be rewarded: 15 Very Rare Orbs
  • Reach LAP 17 and be rewarded: 10 Epic Orbs
  • Reach LAP 18 and be rewarded: 100 ICE Tokens
  • Reach LAP 19 and be rewarded: 100 WAR Tokens
  • Reach LAP 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and be rewarded: 20 Orbs of LIquid Dragon! (VIP)
  • Reach LAPS 21, 22, 23, 24, 26, 27, 28, 29 and be rewarded: 20 Very Rare Orbs
  • Reach LAP 31, 32, 33, 34, 36, 37, 38, 39 and be rewarded: 20 Epic Orbs
  • Reach LAP 41, 42, 43, 44, 46, 47, 48, 49 and be rewarded: 20 Legendary Orbs
  • Reach LAP 45 and be rewarded: 50 Orbs of a Random Heroic

  • Reach LAP 50 will be rewarded: Ultimate Chest!!!!!


  • There are 2 ways to claim a brand new Heroic dragon: the High Score Dragon — by winning the race or by reaching LAP 15!
  • In order to summon the High Amuka Dragon, you will have to collect 3 pieces. If you collect just 1 or 2, you won’t have a chance to get this Heroic Dragon again.
  • Once the Heroic Race is over, you can choose to either sell the pieces or keep them as decorations for your islands! Keep in mind that, if you decide to sell the dragon pieces, you can get 1 Million in Gold in exchange!
  • To claim ALL your rewards, you will need to close the game and log in again. Then, you should be able to see a pop-up for claiming your reward! Easy!
  • Please keep in mind that if you finish the race in first place and have completed at least 15 laps, you will only receive 1 Heroic High Score Dragon, not 2. Furthermore, remember you will get all rewards for closing and restarting except for Score. Score will be rewarded once the race ends.

That's all for now, Dragon Masters. 🙂

Happy racing everyone & see you back on the islands!