I want to bring to your attention that Renegade racers is now hiring!!!
We do have rules, though, and I'll list them here;

  1. please be as active as you can.
  2. donate as many cells as you can
  3. do not request cells until your second day
  4. 3/5 attacks in every war at least
  5. be a kind player, and be ready to chat with the team!
  6. have 1500 M.P.
  7. contribute to the race(You don't have to gem rush, just do your part and strive to do the one-for-alls)
    8.have fun!!!
    remember, we are a relatively new team, and we DON'T make separate race teams, so if you are a race/titan hopper, just don't apply.

(wow, that was the first team propaganda I've ever done)